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Funding Litigation With Our Money Instead of Yours!

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As an attorney, you know all too well how quickly case costs and case disbursements can multiply. Funding litigation expenses on your own can be a real burden. At Absolute Legal Funding, we understand that attorneys, especially plaintiffs’ attorneys, can suffer from cash-flow crunches during and after litigation as a result of case disbursements and delays in receiving settlement awards. That’s why we offer litigation funding, disbursement funding, and case cost funding that allow you to effectively turn your case disbursements into working capital. 

How it works:

Unlike line of credit  there are no monthly payments or up-front charges. Once a case is approved, our litigation funding can be used to cover all fees associated with a case, including court fees, medical reports, expert witnesses, and other crucial costs. We will also fund  your past cash disbursements on your open files. There is only a one-time application and processing fee per case and you use our money as needed to fund your litigation costs. There are no monthly payments or up-front charges. Repayment is made as a case disbursement at the conclusion of the case from the settlement or verdict. 

Why Absolute Legal Funding:

Absolute Legal Funding can take the worry out of waiting for a case to settle. Without cash flow concerns, you will be able to process cases easier and faster by funding litigation expenses. You will be able to hire the experts you need without thinking about how it will affect the firm’s bottom line. Most importantly, our rates are very competitive in the industry.  Our personalized litigation funding service means you get competitive rates and fast service (usually in as little as 24 hours) that allow you to move your business forward with the peace of mind you deserve. You will be able to provide better service to your clients and generate higher profits for your firm. So why use the firm’s money when case disbursement funding is available.

With our litigation funding, there are:

  • No minimum amounts
  • No monthly payments
  • No up-front costs or hidden fees
  • No sacrifices of your capital

Absolute Legal Funding — Funding You Can Depend On™