Is Legal Funding for Me?

Posted on May 8, 2013 · Posted in General

What to Expect — May 2013

Let’s examine what legal funding can do for you and what you should consider when contemplating this decision.

The advantage of legal funding is that it costs you nothing if you don’t win your case or get a settlement. It can help you to make ends meet until your case is settled. The money can be used for to pay for monthly living expenses such as rent, food, utility bills and other daily living expenses. Absolute Legal Funding can definitely help ease your financial burden while your case is in litigation. However, legal funding isn’t for everyone and should be considered along with all other options.

This is where your attorney can help you understand if it is an option for you. Even though your attorney cannot guarantee you a settlement, they can offer their educated opinion as to how much your case is worth and how long it will take to settle. They can provide you with information that will help you understand the possible outcome of your case and and this information can assist you in determining if legal funding is the right solution for you.

So once you have a reasonable expectation as what your case case is worth and how long it is going to take to settle, you can decide if legal funding is right for you!

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